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Working Papers

Abstract: Domestic violence (DV) is a crime that usually has female victims and is often under-reported. This paper studies the effect of having a female officer dispatched in the primary unit on the discovery of DV in physical abuse incidents in Milwaukee and Chicago. Using three-year calls for service data and conditional random assignment of officers in the dispatch process, the paper finds that the existence of a female officer in the primary unit scales up the likelihood of discovering DV in physical abuse incidents by 10% in Milwaukee. Analysis of data from Chicago indicates a similar effect. These results indicate that female officers play an important role in discovering DV.

Abstract: Basketball games are an important part of college identity and social activities. This paper studies the effect of college basketball game days on the probability of having local sexual assault reports. Using crime data from universities with top basketball programs and local law enforcement agencies, this paper shows that home game days have little effect on the probability of sexual assault reports, while away game days scale up the probability by 14%. This finding is different from those found for football, which likely reflects differences in viewing and partying behavior across the two sports.

Work in Progress

Abstract: School lunch is an important channel of students’ nutrition intake. This paper studies the mechanism of effects by the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act through metabolism analysis. Preliminary results show that the policy significantly decreases the likelihood of having high cholesterol levels among students who usually eat school lunch.